Qball is a soft, throwable microphone your classroom will love

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Classroom Management, Communication & Collaboration

We have the opportunity to attend several dozen conferences throughout the year and stand at the ready to inform the educational world about Kyte Learning and what we have to offer. During these conferences, we also enjoy walking around the vendor hall to see what new and exciting products are hitting the educational world. One of those exciting products that we’ve seen lately is Qball.  What’s Qball? We thought you’d never ask.


Qball is a soft, throwable microphone for the classroom. It connects to your sound system via a wireless receiver and doesn’t interfere with any of your other audio devices.  The microphone is housed in a small dodgeball that is super soft and easy to hold. What that means for you is that you can toss the ball to students because it’s easy to throw and catch. The ball is so soft that if your class is notorious for having terrible hand-eye coordination, dropping the ball won’t damage the mic or injure the child.
We all know that getting everyone in a class to participate in a discussion is a hard task to accomplish, but Qball makes that manageable. This is a great way to make a class a little more engaging and fun. This can also be used to liven up those professional development meetings about bloodborne pathogens.  Whatever the occasion, Qball is a fun and dynamic way to interact with your audience.

Want to get a Qball for your classroom?