Manage Classroom Devices Like the Boss You are with GoGuardian

by | May 2, 2017 | Classroom Management, Uncategorized

A “one-to-one” device ratio is no longer a far-off fantasy attainable only by those “rich” schools you hear about on the news anymore. Cheaper technology has made it possible for many schools across the country to afford devices for every student. It’s been said that technology enhances whatever a school or classroom already has going. In other words, if a classroom already has great method and students are engaged and performing well, technology has the power to enhance an already effective system. On the flip side, look at a classroom that has behavior problems or difficulty with classroom management, technology has the power to enhance those problems too.   With the ever-growing influx of devices in schools, the need for device management has increased as well.  Teachers need a way to keep track of what students are doing and make sure they are on task. This is where GoGuardian can help.

GoGuardian is a device management software for schools that allows teachers and administrators to teach more efficiently and protect students while they’re online. They have some super handy features that enable the teacher to maintain total control of all devices in the classroom right from his or her own computer/device. A feature many educators have lauded as being very useful is “Tab Control.” This handy little tool allows you to open or close tabs on your student’s computers to keep them on task while “Attention Mode” enables you to lock screens entirely in case you need total focus as you provide instructions. “Activity Timeline” and “Screen View” allow you to track what all of your students are doing on their own devices at a glance.

Go Guardian also has a nifty little chat feature that allows you to communicate with individual students from your device. You can also block specific sites that you don’t want students viewing on school devices.

If you want to learn more about GoGuardian and how it can improve your device management, take Kyte’s GoGuardian course today!