Have Your Kids Up and Grooving in No Time with GoNoodle!

by | May 2, 2017 | Classroom Management

There’s a lot of research out there that shows how exercise and movement help students in the classroom. However, the challenge for teachers is that we never seem to find enough time to take students out to recess. What a lot of people outside of education don’t understand is that transition time is an important factor with everything we do in the classroom.

A common complaint about recess is that students take a long time just getting ready to walk out the door. This is especially true in the winter when every student you send outside reminds you of Ralphie’s younger brother in “A Christmas Story” yelling, ”I can’t put my arms down” due to extensive layering. After their fifteen minutes in the snow, you then have to worry about repeating the entire process to bring them back in. Then it’s on to quieting them down and getting them settled in their desks before you can start teaching again. Oh, and let us not forget about the many bathroom and drink breaks you’ll facilitate as they make their way inside.

If only there were a way to quickly get students moving inside the classroom that didn’t require the hassle of going out to recess. Luckily, there is a fantastic  website that helps solve this very problem!  GoNoodle is an online video tool that has age specific activities specifically focused on getting them out of their seats and moving their tiny bodies. If you’ve ever played “Just Dance” then you’re already familiar with the basic concept behind GoNoodle but with an educational twist!

GoNoodle has a library of interactive videos that students can move or dance along to. The musical content teaches educational concepts in addition to physical activity and allows every user to earn points for performance. Points then allow students to create and evolve their avatars into bigger and better creatures to encourage more physical activity within the platform.

Create a GoNoodle account today and watch our course on using it. You’ll be glad you did and so will your students.