Choose your own adventure with Google Slides

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Google, Presenting Tools

Presentations tools are great and you’ve probably seen/used a lot of them throughout your career. In fact, you’ve likely sat through so many soul-numbing presentations that you’re sick of them altogether.

Unfortunately, a lot of audiences turn off the moment a projector turns on and we adults aren’t the only ones who suffer. CPB or, Chronic Presentation Boredom is a very real (it’s fake) disease that plagues schools around the country and the cure to this epidemic is in limited supply. While some treatments to the sickness have come through more engaging presentation solutions like interactive whiteboards and touch-screen functionality, the “sage on the stage” format adopted by most presenters, still perpetuates a lack of student engagement… Until now.
Steve Kong, one of Kyte Learning’s fabulous content creators, has come up with a way to put your class (or any audience) in the driver’s seat. Instead of just having students watch a boring slide show, Steve turns his presentations into “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories and games for his class. With this format, students become full blown participants in the outcome of the presentation. They are no longer observers passively watching slides flicker on a screen, they are in full control of various outcomes and continually dictating what happens next.

You can perform the above-mentioned activity as a class or send a link to each student to complete on their own. Watch Steve’s course on Kyte Learning for a step-by-step walkthrough for creating your own “Choose Your Own Adventure” game for your class. Why not try this at your next professional development meeting? The only way to truly keep anyone’s attention is to place them directly in the center of the action. The Choose Your Own Adventure course will help you accomplish just that!

Want to learn how to create adventures in your classroom?