Bring the world to your students with Google Cardboard

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Virtual Reality

Yes, it’s really cardboard but instead of using it for canned goods or labeling it, “kitchen stuff,” you can use it to give any lesson a serious engagement boost!

Forget the visuals you instinctively conjured up just hearing the word “cardboard.” As you might expect, Google’s version of the brown foldable material we all know and love is far from boring. It is actually a portable virtual reality headset that can be used with a number of mobile devices.

What is VR? Virtual reality simulates and clones an environment by generating realistic images and sound to provide a virtual experience that is analogous to the real-life experience. In short, there’s no need to break the bank (or the sound barrier) to visit Paris, fly a jet, or tour The Colosseum when you can do it with your students right from those comfy classroom desks.

You can use Google Street View to travel all over the world and see any historical (or nonhistorical) site as if you were standing there in real life! Simply insert a smartphone into the nifty cardboard frames, and, voila! Before you know it, your students are off on a creative adventure visiting the different wonders of the world.

In addition to what Google offers, there are many free apps available that will allow your students to fly through space, get behind the controls of big machine equipment, and even play educational games.

Google Cardboard is very affordable and easy to build with cardboard glasses starting around $5.00 which is a bargain when you consider the fact they can teleport your students to the moon, eh? With Google Cardboard you can breathe new life into your classroom by creating experiences for your students that breed creativity and engagement for every participant.

Ready to take VR for spin in your classroom?

Check out our course on Google Cardboard and start bringing the world to your students.