Gamify Your Classroom with ClassCraft

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Gamification

My favorite thing to do as a kid was to play video games. I was a huge Nintendo fan and the game that captured my heart, and consequently most of my time, was The Legend of Zelda. There was something so gratifying about leveling up my character with a new sword or a fancy new tunic. I couldn’t wait to come home from school everyday to play and my mind would often wonder just thinking about how I was going to conquer the next fictional challenges while I was in class. I always wished I were Link, the hero of the game, and I would daydream about the adventures I’d have. Full disclosure: I’d still like to be Link; the guy is a magical elf who saves princesses all day.

Classcraft is a real game changer (see what I did there?). Students no longer have to daydream about being a hero from their favorite video game or even wait until they get home to play. Classcraft turns every student into a hero and transforms your learning into the game. The idea of gamification in education is still relatively new, but the principles behind it have been around for…a really, really long time! To be clear, gamification is the application of game design elements in your work, school, or home life. I like to think of it as tricking my kids into learning with no one being the wiser.

Classcraft allows students to earn Experience Points (XPs) for completing classroom tasks such as turning in assignments or showing up to class on time. Students can also lose Health Points (HPs) for negative things like bullying or arriving late to class. Teachers and students can come up with rewards or consequences they want when a player levels up with XPs or loses all of their HPs.

Students can also be placed into teams so that they have a support system of classmates who are rooting for them to do well. When the individual progresses, so does the team. The same is true for when an individual does poorly, the group suffers as well. This helps foster collaboration and teamwork. Classcraft can also turn boring formative assessments into epic, boss battles.

It’s a free tool and you can start using it today. For help on getting started with the basics and tips on implementing it into your classroom, you can hop in to Kyte Learning’s ClassCraft course. Let us know how Classcraft works in your classroom!

Start gamifying your classroom with ClassCraft right now! Kyte's quick course will help you get started!