BrainPOP… More Like Mind Explosion!

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Coding, Gamification


My school has been using BrainPOP for the past three years and it’s an educational tool that has made a significant difference in my classroom. For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I would use BrainPOP as a research tool for students who weren’t reading at grade level. I’d supplement their reading with BrainPOP videos so that they could still participate in our writing assignments without skipping a beat. This helped my ELL students tremendously because they were able to complete assignments on their own.

BrainPOP is also a great way to differentiate learning for groups and centers in your classroom. Students can sign in on their device and watch a video that you assign, or one that they choose on their own. There are quizzes and games that they can take advantage of and a variety of other features like mind maps and word walls, as well. The cartoons are quick, informative, and funny. They have an extensive library that covers most learning subjects in multiple languages, so it’s not difficult to find something for everyone.

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