A Match Made in Heaven

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Uncategorized

The Deets

It’s been a long time in the making, but we are very excited to announce that ALL of Kyte’s content has been awarded ISTE’s official Readiness Seal of Alignment! If you’re not familiar with ISTE, a little googling will reveal that they are one of the most recognizable and influential EdTech organizations on the planet. It is ISTE’s commitment to empowering connected learners in a connected world; A perfect match for Kyte Learning’s ever-growing library of et-tech content.

Receiving the Readiness Seal of alignment requires both an understanding of the foundational skills that are needed for effectively teaching with technology, and a commitment to supporting those foundational skills in ways that support the ISTE Standards.

ISTE’s team of content reviewers referred to Kyte Learning’s offering as, “a valuable opportunity for teachers to learn foundational technology skills in preparation to meet a number of the ISTE Standards for Teachers.” ISTE’s reviewers also commented saying, “We are excited to award this seal to such a great program, and we congratulate you on this significant achievement!”

What does it all mean?

Decades of ISTE’s own research have shown that a large majority of educators fall into the “readiness” category. This refers to those who are unfamiliar with what technology tools are available or how to use them in the classroom. It’s 2017 (that still sounds weird doesn’t it?) if you’re a teacher, there is a very small chance that technology isn’t a part of your daily existence yet, many do not see a clear path to effective use despite technology’s widespread availability.

In short, ISTE’s alignment coincides perfectly with Kyte Learning’s own mission; To inspire teachers to embrace technology in the classroom. Our only focus as a company is to provide the unique perspective of a teacher and to highlight in a meaningful way, they’re successful experiences with using tech in the classroom.

OK wrap it up already.

Kyte is extremely excited to be associated with such a renowned institution and to receive this recognition. We look forward to furthering our mission through our relationship with ISTE and fully intend to expand our offering through each of the alignment categories.

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